Our Charity Work

“Accessing and supporting the hardest to reach and those most vulnerable in society”

Although The Concours of Elegance is held at a different venue each year, at its heart remains a steadfast commitment to supporting the charity sector. Over £1000,000 has been raised for charities to date.

In 2016 the Concours of Elegance supported:




The Queen’s Choral Foundation With a glorious tradition stretching back over 650 years, the choristers in the Choir of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle are renowned throughout the world. Each chorister receives a first-class education at St George’s School which goes hand in hand with their intensive daily musical training. All choristers receive a scholarship from the Dean and Canons of Windsor to offset part of the cost of their education. It is the aim of the College of St George to offer help above this scholarship regardless of their family’s financial background.

Registered Charity No. 1118295

The Household Cavalry Foundation is the official charity for the Household Cavalry Regiment. The Foundation exists to provide charitable and pastoral support to all the members of Household Cavalry family, serving Soldiers, Operational Casualties and Veterans. The Foundation also supports the protection and development of the rich heritage that surrounds the history of the Regiment and the welfare of retired horses.

Registered Charity No. 1151869

Springfield Youth Club Hackney provides a community area, via a voluntary youth service, for young people to develop their full potential. The Club endeavours to provide support and improve the quality of the educational and social activities of these individuals. By developing their physical, mental and spiritual capacities, they will grow to full maturity as responsible individual members of our society.

Registered Charity No. 303026