Since our formation in 1984, we have dedicated ourselves to a single and exceptional car – the Jaguar E-Type – and are proud to be considered the worldwide leaders in the sales and restoration of this true icon. We have achieved this position through a pure and exclusive focus on the E-Type, all driven by our relentless pursuit of perfection.

This forensic attention to detail has fuelled the evolution of the company into three main areas.

Cars For Sale

Firstly, we source or re-acquire from previously supplying the very best original and restored Jaguar E-Types available. Our current inventory has a fantastic variety of super-original, professionally restored, factory-spec, sympathetically upgraded and significantly upgraded Jaguar E-Types.

While each of these cars is different, they all have one thing in common; having been selected by us for our showrooms, they are exclusively eligible for Eagle Engineering to your own bespoke specification.

An Eagle Engineered E-Type is a popular way for many clients to be able to enjoy with complete confidence a bespoke Eagle enhanced E-Type without feeling the need to commission a “full” Eagle restoration.

The Eagle E-Type

Secondly, we offer bespoke restorations of original E-Types, with each car built to order and completed entirely to the client’s unique specifications. The result is a “full” Eagle E-Type – a tailored example of a world-renowned and comprehensively restored Jaguar E-Type. Defined as being among the most exclusive hand-built cars available anywhere, every Eagle requires approximately 4,000 hours to hand build to each clients bespoke specification.

That bespoke specification is formed from discussions with each client, hand-picking upgrades & options based on their requirements, tastes and intended use of the car. The commission price of £395,000 +VAT if applicable includes all of the options within our base ‘Classic’ upgrades package – from here we can then tailor the specification with options from our successive GT, Sport & SuperSport packages.

Eagle Speedster, Low Drag GT and Spyder GT

Thirdly, we have our Speedster, Low Drag GT and Spyder GT models. These are based upon original 1960s E-Types and built incorporating our own design tweaks and enhancements – again exclusively as per commission and to the commissioning client’s desired specification.

That bespoke spec’ is tailored in the same way as with the Eagle E-Types: the Classic Spec is included within the commission price and a bespoke upgrades list is selected from our successive GT, Sport and SuperSport options.

Having launched our Low Drag GT at the 2013 St. James’s Concours of Elegance, we are delighted to announce that Spyder GT No.1 will be making its worldwide public debut at the 2016 Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance.

Alongside our bespoke full Eagle builds, our market leading expertise has seen our small, but expert team entrusted with a number of historically important restorations too. Perhaps the most significant was the restoration of one of the original 12 Lightweight E-Types. Recognisable to most by its distinctive “86 PJ” number plate and metallic aquamarine paintwork, this is the ex-Roy Salvadori car and arguably the most original in existence.

Given its importance, this restoration was driven by a duty of preservation and the car ranks among the most collectable in the world. Little wonder then that 86 PJ will be among the 60 cars on the lawn at the 2016 Windsor Castle Concours of Elegance.



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