Driven by a deep rooted passion for the prancing horse cars, GTO has served the Ferrari community for over 20 years. Restoring, racing, servicing and supplying parts, we are unique in our service and globally recognised for our quality and expertise. In recent years the GTO group has grown considerably and now has sites in the UK, New York, LA and Atlanta.

Whether your goal is to exhibit, race, tour, collect or source parts, GTO offers an unrivalled customer partnership and are focused on ensuring each customer gets the absolute best from their relationship with us.


Experience the classic romance and unrivalled thrill of an Enzo era Ferrari with a GTO restoration.

We are passionate about enabling our customers to re-live history, offering them the opportunity to go back to a time when the roads were open and Ferraris were a true feat of engineering. With over 20 years of experience, GTO have worked on over 1/3 of all SWBs and TRs ever produced and have undertaken over 100 full restorations including nearly every Enzo era model.

GTO are able to take any Ferrari, in literally any condition, and, working under the direction of our client, fully restore and personalise the car to their favoured specification. Whether intended for road or competition use, GTO’s expert team are able to create your ultimate vehicle and continue to support you throughout your Ferrari adventure.


Preserve the prestige hidden beneath the body of your classic Ferrari with GTO servicing.

Our years of experience working on these iconic cars has granted us the ability to scrutinize every nook and cranny, some that the less experienced might overlook. Our workshop team are skilled in all types of projects; from smaller mechanical work to major overhauls and experienced in the anomalies of all major Ferrari models.


Build your reputation by offering the world’s rarest parts; stand for quality, reliability and availability by sourcing from GTO.

GTO Parts offers access to one of the largest ranges of early classic Ferrari parts available anywhere in the world, where quality is never sacrificed. Through our in house machine shops we are able to manufacture new parts to OEM specifications, and have a constant GTO presence around the globe searching out the best quality and rarest Ferrari parts.



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