2024 Timetable

Friday 30th August

Owners’ & VIP Day

1000The Concours of Elegance Opens
1030-1230Introduction of individual concours cars on the
Concours Stage
1130The Chubb Interviews (Chubb Stage)
1400-1630Introduction of individual concours cars on the
Concours Stage cont.
1515-1800Gooding & Company Auction
1600Presentation of Chubb Paddock Award – Chubb Stage
1800Concours of Elegance Closes

Saturday 31st August

1000Concours of Elegance Opens
1015Parade of the Club Trophy Entrants
1130The Chubb Interviews (Chubb Stage)
1200Gooding & Company Award
1445The Chairman’s Award
1500The Chubb Interviews at the (Chubb Stage)
1500Presentation of the Jaguar Trophy
1530Presentation of the Club Trophy by the Royal Automobile Club
1600Presentation of the Levitt Trophy
1615Presentation of Best Car Club Award by Classic & Sports Car
1800Concours of Elegance Closes

Sunday 1st September

1000Concours of Elegance Opens
1030Parade of the 30 Under 30 Concours Cars
1130The Chubb Interviews (Chubb Stage)
1420The Junior Concours and Awards
1430The Chubb Interviews (Chubb Stage)
1515Presentation of the Best in Show in partnership with
A. Lange & Söhne
1520Presentation of Special Classes and Future Classics Award
1530Presentation of the Bentley Trophy
1545Presentation of the 30 Under 30 Award by A. Lange & Söhne
1600Presentation of the best Club Car Award by Classic & Sports Car
1630The Grand Depart: Concours Cars leave Hampton Court Palace
1700Concours of Elegance Closes

Other features will be added to the Timetable in the coming months.

Friday 30th August
(Owners’ & VIP Day)

Introducing the concours cars

Each of the individual Concours cars are driven to the main stage and introduced to guests by our world renowned compéres Richard Charlesworth and Peter Wallman. Seventy of the finest cars, spanning more than 100 years of automotive progress will be driven up to the main stage throughout the day. Seeing the Concours cars in motion is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Saturday 31st August

The Club Trophy, supported by the Royal Automobile Club

The UK’s best car clubs, including those of Aston Martin Owners Club, Bentley Drivers Club, Jensen Owners Club and the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club will showcase the rarest and most impressive cars of their members at the Concours of Elegance. An independent panel of expert judges goes on to a pick a winner, which is then included as part of the main Concours event the following year.

The Jaguar Trophy by Jaguar Classic

A special Trophy created for Jaguars of all ages, this event gathers together 50 of the finest Jaguars in the country to be scrutinised by a panel of experts, which has previously included Jaguar design director, Ian Callum. The winner will be awarded the Jaguar Trophy and a host of other prizes from Concours of Elegance’s partners.

The Levitt Concours

On Saturday 31st August, a group of 20 rare and exotic vehicles – all owned by women – will join the Levitt Concours, driving their vehicles into the gardens of Hampton Court Palace for a curated schedule of events.

Organised by women, and designed for women, the Levitt Concours will also be judged by a panel of modern day racers, style icons and national editors.

Car Club Displays

Concours of Elegance will be inviting leading car clubs from the UK to arrive in style, parking their cars within the gardens of Hampton Court Palace. With support from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Jensen and Mercedes-Benz owners’ clubs, visitors to the Concours can rest assured there will be an eclectic selection of rare luxury and performance cars on display.

Sunday 1st September

Thirty Under 30 Concours presented by A. Lange & Söhne

Designed specifically for the next generation of motoring enthusiasts. This inclusive event is for anyone, 30 or under, that owns a motor car from 1900 to 1999.

Junior Concours

Celebrating the best of half-scale hand built pedal, electric and petrol powered cars of all ages.

Car Club Displays

As on Saturday, Concours of Elegance will host another selection of car clubs in the UK on the Sunday. Visitors will be able to see luxury and performance models from some of the world’s most famous manufacturers.

Royal Warrant Holders Association

The Royal Warrant Holders Association was formed in 1875 to ensure continued existence of the Royal Warrant as a respected institution. A Royal Warrant is a mark of recognition of those who supply goods or services to the Royal Households. Meanwhile, the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust helps support the training of craftspeople working in Britain.

Grand Depart

As the Concours of Elegance wraps up on Sunday afternoon, there’s still one last spectacle for visitors – the Grand Depart. Eighty of the rarest cars in the world start their engines and prepare to leave the grounds of Hampton Court Palace as hundreds of onlookers wave off the Concours cars for another year. It’s a fitting end to an incredible weekend.