Thirty under 30

Designed specifically for the next generation of motoring enthusiasts
Sunday 1st September 2024

this inclusive event is for anyone, 30 or under, that owns a motorcar from 1900 to 1999


Thirty under 30

Who is the 30 UNDER 30 Concours For?

This new Concours is designed specifically for the next generation of motoring enthusiasts. A generation that will face possibly the greatest challenges to the vintage and classic automobile hobby, as vehicle prices soar, and petrol becomes less and less popular.

This inclusive event is for anyone, 30 or under, that owns a motorcar from 1900 to 1999 and is created to support and shine a light on the future of our collective, diverse motoring passions. The only stipulation is that the car must be personally owned by the applicant.

The concept for the 30 Under 30 Concours was created by Thomas Reinhold. Thomas has kindly agreed to be the curator and will select the 30 cars to take part.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for cars with a story that highlight your particular interest in our hobby, to enthral your fellow enthusiast’s, spark conversation, challenge the norm and encourage the next generation. Whether your car is a perfect Mk1 Ford Fiesta, a well-loved Austin 7, a 1965 Mustang Fastback or a Nissan Skyline, we want to hear about your custodianship of your motoring passion.

Did you find the car in the scrapyard and fully restore it? Do you race it? What plans have you got for it in the future? Why do you want to enter the 30 Under 30 Concours? We cannot wait to receive your applications and hopefully see you later this year.


WILL YOU have a good time?

This event has been designed specifically for you, it is an inclusive, friendly and fun event at one of the world’s première Concours. We want to give the next generation of motoring enthusiast a voice, a chance to exhibit on the world stage and share your passion with other like-minded people, encouraging conversation and inspiring others. You will also be an integral part of the Sunday event with opportunities to present your car on our Concours stage, and indeed win not only your class but outright the 30 Under 30 Concours.

This is a must for your 2024 social calendar.

Thirty Under 30 Concours Winner
Thirty Under 30 Concours Winner
Thirty Under 30 Concours Winner


ThirtyUnder30 Concours – Winner

The overall winner of the ThirtyUnder30 concours will be selected by the owners themselves, in keeping with the convivial nature of the event. The winner, whether a British favourite, Japanese road racer or American icon, will offer a glimpse of what makes younger enthusiasts tick, and the cars they most covet.

ThirtyUnder30 – Judges Top 3

The judges of the wider concours will for 2024 also select their 3 favourites from what is likely to be a diverse line-up. Judging will be based not solely on the car itself; the panel will consider the owner’s story and relationship with the car; how they came to own it, how they use it. The selection will recognise younger custodians who best embody the irrepressible spirit of enthusiast motoring, those that are torch bearers for the next generation of collectible car owners.

Entry Fees

Car Entry Fee including admission for 2 people, complimentary catalogue and all day access to the DRVN Members Enclosure £75.

Optional extra: Fortnum & Mason Picnic Hamper (Cool Bag) for 2 people with a bottle of wine £105.

How to apply

If you would like to take part in the 30 Under 30 Concours please send a brief description and image of your car to: