Introducing Belle Brummell

Belle Brummell presents our unique collection of jackets, inspired by our Creative Director’s passion for the classic British design legacy of the 18th and 19th centuries. Developed with the technical skill of Savile Row tailors, our Long Jackets are exquisitely crafted to enhance and flatter the female silhouette. Our love letter to the modern woman.

Classical structure in Architecture,
and in Tailoring.

“I have always been drawn to the Classical structure of things.  My previous profession was Classical Architectural Design.  After years of research and development, we are now proud to introduce Belle Brummell Long Jackets, created with the Classical expertise of Savile Row tailors and made entirely in London.  These finely tailored jackets, designed specifically for women, offer a uniquely feminine profile, inspired by 18th and 19th century profiles and feel surprisingly at home around Classic cars and the gorgeous classical setting of Hampton Court!”

As well as launching our Long Jackets on-line, you will be able to experience our
‘Coronation Collection’ at our partner showroom on Savile Row in London from September 2023.
By appointment only.

Watch our whimsical introduction to the Belle Brummell story.

Our uncompromising attention to detail and rigorous quality control ensures that each Belle Brummell Jacket is a wearable work of art.  Watch our ‘Making A Belle Brummell Long Jacket’ video below to learn what goes into our creations.

An interesting fact: There are more fabrics that go into the internal structure of the jacket than there are on the outside of the jacket – and yet the jackets feel surprisingly soft and comfortable to wear.  High luxury, high style and high durability….an elegant heritage piece in every way.

Ethical production and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of our priorities.  Our collections are developed and tailored by hand in London using the finest British wools and specialist trims for durability and comfort.  We are passionate about creating heritage garments which can be enjoyed for a lifetime and passed down through the generations.