A life of luxurious global adventure

Nothing can compare to life aboard The World, the largest privately owned residential yacht on earth. As a member of this unique international community of adventurers, you traverse the globe enjoying a unique and luxurious travel lifestyle at sea. In the incomparable comfort of your private Home, you will discover the planet’s most fascinating destinations complemented by curated experiences, epic expeditions, world-class amenities, and impeccable service.

To celebrate our partnership with the Concours of Elegance, The World is extending a rare invitation to a select number of qualified attendees to join the Ship as a Guest during our unprecedented 2022 and 2023 Journey. This is an extremely limited opportunity – pending a pre-arrival background screening and satisfying The World’s net worth requirement.

To learn more, please speak with a Residential Advisor. or  call +44 20 75721231

Embark on a Journey beyond compare

Indulge your wanderlust as you delve into the breathtaking natural beauty, fascinating history,
and vibrant cultures of landings in every corner of the globe. Exclusive, curated activities and unhurried stays in each port create experiences that far surpass mere luxury travel. Atop colossal glaciers, deep within ancient castles, in personal conversations with local luminaries, and behind closed doors in landmark museums, wineries, and restaurants – every step of your journey is an unforgettable memory.

Your Life of Adventure
at the Pinnacle of Luxury

Aboard The World you’ll find the very highest standards of anticipatory service and bespoke comfort in every detail. Host a party with haute cuisine prepared by a world-class chef or dine in any of The World’s six magnificent restaurants. Participate in enriching discussions with Nobel Laureates and other renowned experts in science, culture, and insider knowledge of upcoming destinations. Engage your mind and body with a personalized spa regimen, play a doubles match with your neighbors on the only regulation-sized tennis court at sea, or launch a kayak, paddleboard, or sailboat from the Ship’s own onboard marina. The possibilities are endless!

The most extraordinary Home
you will ever own

Awaken to breathtaking new vistas from your private veranda, embark on a journey of endless discovery and return to the comfort of your own home at night. As the owner of a Residence aboard The World, you are surrounded by the elegant design and personal touches of a private Home that is truly your own – your bed, your books, and even your personal wine collection. You are also a collective owner of the Ship, with a voice in determining the course of life onboard, and of the exciting journeys to come.

Will you make The World your Home?

Your passion for exploration and appreciation for extraordinary experiences can be truly fulfilled as a member of this exceptional international community of adventurers. To learn about life onboard, ownership opportunities, and the potential to join The World as a Guest, speak to our
Residential Advisor today.

To learn more, please speak with a Residential Advisor. or  call +1 954-538-8449