Luxury Partners at the Concours

Concours of Elegance Luxury Partners Collage

Augustine Jewels

Augustine Jewels Ring

Augustine Jewels is a successful British Luxury Jewellery Brand sold globally. Our designs are hand drawn and the finest gems are hand selected before the pieces are handmade by some of the best London jewellery craftsmen who have been making handmade jewellery for generations, resulting in: ‘the most exquisite handmade jewels’. Each collection is inspired by a luxury destination. Augustine Jewels immortalises the memories of a beautiful location in each London jewellery collection, by capturing the dazzling colours and natural beauty of luxury destinations. In doing so, Augustine Jewels reflects the kaleidoscope of influences that makes up our global community

Belle Brummell

Belle Brummel Long Jacket Collection

Belle Brummell’s elegant Long Jackets are inspired by our Founder’s appreciation for 18th and 19th century British couture. Each piece has been designed with Savile Row expertise, whilst honouring the female silhouette, for the confident woman of today.


Developed in hand with Savile Row tailors, our Long Jackets are exquisitely crafted to enhance and flatter the female silhouette. Our choice of British made fabrics ensure your jacket is breathable, comfortable and made to last.




Piston Distillery

Piston Distillery Gin Collection

Founded in Worcester in 2018, Piston was born of a desire to create a true modern classic, one that reminds you what a London Dry Gin should be. Rebellious at heart, Piston challenged old school methods and developed a recipe using 14 botanicals of the highest quality.

Piston’s local and skilled team bring a suave and inimitable flavour to the Gin world keeping links in the motorsport world with partners such as Morgan Motor Company, McMurtry Automotive and Gumball3000.

Alongside the curated bottle and exceptional liquid the team bring their knowledge to you with Piston’s Gin School. Whether you are a Gin aficionado or a curious spirit enthusiast, this experience is designed to indulge your senses, ignite your creativity and deepen your understanding of this exceptional Craft Spirit.

You can visit their Head Quarters in Cheltenham or visit their flagship Worcester home set in the heart of Diglis Basin and immerse yourself in the Piston’s Gin World.


Finlay Eyewear

Care for your eyes in style. FINLAY is an independent British eyewear brand based in London’s iconic Soho and Notting Hill neighbourhoods. Our own sustainable collection of sunglasses and spectacles sit alongside a curated edit of our favourite other independent brands from around the world.

From our frame makers in Italy through to our store teams in the UK, we share the same passion for eyewear and eye care. Come and see us for a free comprehensive eye test, using the code: 61S42NH

Grey Flannel and Mister Miller

Grey Flannel and Mister Miller Sartorial Style

Timothy Everest MBE of Grey Flannel teams up with Mister Miller the Master Hatter to the Peaky Blinders at Hampton Court’s Concours of Elegance this year. They will be creating a lifestyle space dedicated to driver’s sartorial style. Complete with luxurious tailored driving jackets and hand crafted flat caps, they will be unveiling a limited edition collaboration collection and offering their bespoke services alongside their most celebrated ready to wear pieces.

Timothy Everest MBE “My family were involved in the automotive world so I was always interested in motorsport and clothing was my other passion. I aspired to be a racing driver and fortunately an uncle who was a tailor employed me which paid for me to start karting – rebuilding the bottom of a two stroke engine became less appealing and clothing became my career!”

“We are delighted to represent our British craftsmanship in this contemporary context. Working with Timothy we are aligned in merging the modern car collector’s lifestyle with heritage techniques.” says Mister Miller.

Truefitt & Hill

Truefitt & Hill Cologne

Recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest male grooming brand Truefitt & Hill will be returning to Concours of Elegance this September complete with master barber! With its roots deeply immersed in London society, Truefitt has served nine reigning monarchs, received an enthusiastic nod by Charles Dickens in ‘The Uncommercial Traveller’, had a presence on the Titanic and hosted a clientele including Sir Winston Churchill and Frank Sinatra. Whilst acknowledging its historic past, Truefitt & Hill is very much focused on its future, offering a full range of male grooming products for the modern man.


Spora Leather Mycelium

The first chance to see and feel ‘leather’ fabric made of mushroom mycelium. A bio-tech innovation from Patagonia to Hampton Court Palace, making waves in both the car and fashion industries. Visit marquee number 13 and meet the founders and scientists behind this ground breaking innovation.