Car of the Week #22

Ferrari 275 GTS 4 Pininfarina Nart Spider

Ferrari 275 GTS/4 Pininfarina NART Spyder

Ferrari introduced the first 275 GTB in 1966, a Pininfarina-syled road coupé made in the Scagletti factory, complete with a 3,286cc V12 engine. Later that year at the Paris Automobile Show, the marque introduced the 275 GTB/4, featuring the first four overhead camshaft engine Ferrari made for road use, boosting the output to 300bhp.

Ferrari importer and Italian-born racing driver Luigi Chinetti very much wanted a convertible (spyder version of the car). At the time, Ferrari was producing a 275 GTS – a detuned 260bhp version – with a different look to that of the GTB. Luigi convinced Enzo Ferrari to allow a short production of a spyder version.

The spyder version became the NART (North American Racing Team) and initial demand was thought to be 25 cars. Priced at $14,400 Luigi stuggled to sell the ten that were made, the first two being in rare aluminium alloy body and carried the GTS/4 designation.

The car pictured, which will be in attendance at this year’s Concours of Elegance, is the second of the two alloy bodied cars – the next eight cars being made in steel – making it one of the rarest and most sought-after road Ferraris.