Charles Heidsieck – The Entrepreneurial Past, Present and Future

Champagne Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve

In 1852, in the essence of conquest and adventure, Charles Heidsieck, armed with his extraordinary champagne, travelled from France to America with determination and a dream.

During his travels, Charles became known for his enterprising and innovative spirit, where he popularised champagne and won many friends from high society with his dazzling character and sense of style.

The Concours of Elegance is the perfect fit, with the event seeing a display of the rarest and most astonishing cars ever created. This year will feature some of the latest exclusive limited-edition luxury and performance cars, known as Future Classics.

Innovative and enterprising Ferrari, much like Charles Heidsieck, will display their innovative Monza. The Monza SP2, together with the Monza SP1, are the forerunners in a new concept, known as ‘Icona’ (Icon), that taps into a leitmotif of the most evocative cars in the company’s history to create a new segment of special limited series cars for clients and collectors. The intention is to use a modern aesthetic to reinterpret a timeless style, with technologically advanced components and the highest performance possible through continuous innovation.

Be immersed in the very centre of innovation and enterprising creators at the Concours of Elegance this year and raise a glass of one of the marvellous Charles Heidsieck cuvées poured in bars across the site, or sit and enjoy a bottle in the Champagne Terrace, watching the cars pass by on their way to the main stage.